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System debug

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

1, according to the design drawings (plan or chart) on the installation of detectors, Manual alarm and various modules (input/output module) encoding, if no detectors and modules on the drawings numbered, debuggers should relate to the construction of detectors and various module addresses code accurately marked on the drawing.

2, according to the complete address signal lines, controllers, loops, detectors and a variety of modules that corresponds to the number, sort out the address coding tables, and according to the address coding tables and control requirements for fire-fighting equipment (fire code) to display information, system information, joint programming. Linkage programmes provided by the fire-fighting installation company. If your relationship does not comply with the fire code requires construction of signature confirmation (such as requiring smoke alarm water pump).

Interaction logic edit general requirements:

(1) fire hydrant system: fire hydrant Manual alarm button to start the level or upper level control alarm or sound and light alarm output module connected to the alarm sound and light alarm or power supply.

(2), the automatic sprinkler system: flow indicator signals start of the layer control alarm or output modules connected to the alarm sound and light alarm sound and light alarm or power supply. Start the spray pump pressure switch signal. Start the spray pump or flow indicator signals. Or flow indicator signals and start the spray pump pressure switch signal to composite.

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