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Conventional Reflective IR Beam Detector with Laser Beam Guiding & Digital Aligning Display

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Basic Info

Conventional Reflective IR Beam Detector with laser beam guiding & digital aligning display
Conventional Reflective Smoke Detector
Main Features

Hassle free alignment, built with digital guide display and laser beam pointing
Employ single-ended design through reflective mirror. 
Four ranges wide monitoring from 8-100 meters via encoder
Three users programming sensitivity adjustment
Built-in microprocessor
Self-diagnosis function can monitor for internal faults
Automatic compensation for factors weakening received signals, such as dust contamination, positional movement and ageing of the transmitter
Fire and Fault interfacing relays
Attractive and pleasing appearance
Real User friendly alignment method
Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage

20 V to 28 V DC

Current Parameters 

Standby≤23mA  Commission≤55mA  Alarm≤33mA

Beam Sensor Sensitivity [via Programmer]                                                        

Level 1: 2.6 dB  High Sensitivity

Level 2: 3.4 Medium Sensitivity 

Level 3: 4.8 dB Low Sensitivity

Beam Pathway Length [via Programmer]

Span 1: 8 to 20 meters Short Path

Span 2: 20 to 40 meters Short Path

Span 3: 40 to 70 meters Normal Path

Span 4: 70 to 100 meters Long Path

Beam Path Angle

±0.5º Directional

Alignment Guide

Laser Beam Pointer

Digital Display Guide 

Nixie Tube

LED Indicator Status

Red: Fire ; Yellow: Fault ; Green: Alignment

Reset Time

Less than 2 Second

Relay Capacity [Fire & Fault]

Normally Open/ 2.0 A; 30 VDC

Material / Color 

ABS / White


L:190.87 x W:126.87 x H:91.96 mm


0.130 Kg with base

Operating Temperature / Protection Rating

-10°C to 55°C / IP30 [IP66 glue seal]

Packing information:

0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Non condensation
8 pcs per carton; GW:13.86kg; NW:11.2kg; Volume: 0.1074cbm
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