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Interconnect Smoke Detector

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 01, 2016



This product is a wireless interconnected photoelectronic smoke detector ,hereinafter called detector. With a unique structure design and an intelligent MCU to process photoelectronic signals,it is provided with Dust-proof,mothproof and anti-light interference etc. Functions. Ensuring the detector stability from design basis. Meanwhile,this detector could be wireless interconnected to each other to form a linkage alarm. Once a detector is triggered,it will send out wireless alarm signals to trigger the other interconnected detectors, suitable for all kinds of installation environments and enhancing users perception of alarm signal.It reacts very quick to visible smoke released by smoldering fire and flaming fire. And suitable for fire alarm in houses,factories,shopping malls,hotel,restaurants,office buildings,teaching buildings,banks,libraries,warehouses,ect..




This detector adopts the principle of smoke particles reflecting infrared lights. The main circuit includes a MCU processing part,an infrared emission part and an infrared reception part. The emission and reception diodes are placed in the optical maze chamber which can shield the interference of outside stray lights,but will not influence smoke entering into the detector. On smokeless conditions,the received infrared effects,the received light signals increase. When smoke density accumulates up and reach the alarm threshold of the MCU,the detector will blink its alarm indicator,give out strident alarm sound and send out wireless alarm signal to trigger the other interconnected detectors.




Adopts MCU Auto-Processing Technology

Wireless Interconnection Alarm

Hush Button

Malfunction Auto-Check

Auto Reset After Trigger

Infrared Photoelectronic Sensor

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