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System Access

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

(1) television (2) on the remote PC or laptop computer, (3) Internet browser, (4), digital telephone, cellular telephone, (5) button transmitter (6) remote controller (7) voice control (8) touch screen.

When involved in the system, and also the need for effective control, such as through a card reader, wireless radio frequency devices, or biometric, password, biometric recognition technology, IC card, or special permissions for authorized technical intervention, protect the rights of normal users are not infringed.

Future home automation network system will also need to be a lot of Adaptive features, such as the following:

(1) accessibility: supports a large number of existing indoor connection scheme, such as coaxial cable, structured cabling, telephone lines and so on.

(2) flexibility: the ability to take on different types of connections and the standard, so that the upgrade and expansion of the programme.

(3) the cheapest: because the network is used to connect all kinds of equipment, which itself is not the end device. Price advantage will accelerate the pace of its application.

(4) easy to implement: whether or not a user or supplier you can easily design and implement network solutions, which will undoubtedly lead to more users.

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