Best Smoke detector and Carbon monoxide detector

          ANKA is a very reliable manufacturer of home security products, we mainly produce smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms. Which can be used to protect people from CO poisoning and property loss,we have provided customers with reliable, durable and accurate fire alarm products for 14 years. We are not only very professional in the manufacturing, design and R&D of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, but also have obtained global certification for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Now we are focusing on the R&D and production of smart WIFI smoke detectors (10 years of battery power) and carbon monoxide detectors, you can choose your favorite high-quality fire alarm detector from ANKA.

Interlinked smoke alarm

The photoelectric Radio Interlinked wireless smoke alarms, Heat alarms, and Carbon monoxide alarms wirelessly connect to each other, If one goes all go, Powered by Sealed 10 years batteries, EN14604, AS3786, BS5446, EN50291 Approved

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smoke and carbon monoxide combination detector

The ANKA 96 series combination alarms use multi-Sensors alarms, providing all common household hazardous emergencies detection and prevention, You can choose different combination detectors with different wireless technology.

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ankacarbon monoxide detector

The best Carbon monoxide detector can protect you and your family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Various carbon monoxide detectors, LCD displays, voice alarm, temperature & humidity, WIFI CO alarm/ZIGBEE CO alarm. etc. EN50291

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smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

2-In-1 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, dual sensors.10 years Long life battery, wireless combination smoke alarm, Big button for weekly testing and silence. UL217/UL2034 certifications

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wifi smoke alarm

The best smart smoke detectors, compatible with various wireless modules, WIFi  smoke detectors, Zigbee smoke detectors, interconnected smoke detectors, Lora /NB-IoT Smoke detectors, RF433/868 Smoke detectors are all available in ANKA

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Smoke Detector Manufacturer Wholesale

ANKA, a professional Smoke detector manufacturer, Focus on fire alarm and home security production since 2007, The best services to deliver the smoke detector of your desire at the lowest possible price. Possessed of production base and advanced production machine, professional and integrated material suppliers resources and With 300 skilled workers, professional R&D, well-trained managers, strong technology term, and well experienced in the field of security, ANKA not only provides the professional security products but also technical inquiry, project information, OEM cooperation and guarantee for after service. We make sure to facilities our customers with benefits at each stage of production.

smoke alarms


13 Years Smoke detector manufacturer, can provide you with customized, wholesale services

WIFI Smoke Detector


We are constantly innovating to create smarter designs and products.

Carbon monoxide detector

quality assurance

Every products have undergone extensive testing by both our own quality control team and third-party certification authorities.

smoke alarms

After sale

Professional after-sales team, 24-hour escort for you. 2 years wraranty offered.

Our Product Family

With our private model and patent-protected design, Market-leading home safety products with cutting-edge design, functionality, and detector technology to protect your family. Different markets have different preferred styles and certification requirements. Tell us your market, Anka will suggest the best suitable fire alarm detectors for you.

wireless Interlinked smoke alarm system

wireless interlinked smoke alarm

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AJ-961SC CE Smoke and CO Combo Detector

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interconnected smoke alarm 10 year battery

Aj-761 interlinked Smoke Detector

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Smoke detector

AJ-933 UL Smoke and CO Combo Detector

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carbon moonoxide alarm

AJ-831 Carbon monoxide detector

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Authority Certifications for Fire alarm Detectors

ANKA is certified with CE EN14604 Certification, EN50291, AS3786 certification, UL 217 certification, UL2034 certification, ROHS certification, ISO certification. etc. Anka’s products, which are sold all over the world, have been certified and obtained product certificates. Anka products are welcomed in Europe, UK, The Middle East, Australia, United America, Canada. etc.

UL217 UL2034 For 93 series
activfire AS3786

Why Choose ANKA

With a 4,000 m² factory and advanced production equipment, we strictly follow the certification standards to produce every product, 100% of the products are tested before shipment, 2 years warranty. Continuous research and development of new products.OEM service welcomed.


100% authoritative certification


100% Tested and Quality Guarantee


Professional Research&development team


Sales in up to 190 countries


16years focus on fire alarm and home security