AJ-761 WIFI Smoke Detector


  • TUYA smart Application
  • CE EN14604 approved
  • Low battery warmly
  • Check alarm history
  • Remotely Test and hush from App.
  • Aj-760
  • Aj-761
  • Aj-762
  • Aj-763
  • Aj-765
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ANKA Smart smoke detectors can be compatible with various wireless connection module, for example, WIFI,Zigbee, NB-IoT,Lora,RF, Z-wave etc. The wireless module is equipped in the smoke alarm base, through which smoke detector can be connected with internet, so that people can be informed by mobile even if they are away from home.

The wireless module is powered by two pieces replaceable DC3Volt Lithium batteries separately. Generally it can work more than 3 years without replacement of battery. When module power is nearly empty, it can send low battery alert to mobile.

WIFI Smoke detectors:

How can a smoke detector that just beeps help you stop fire damage when you are not there at the location? Integrated the Wi-Fi module enables smoke detector to be connected with internet by Wi-Fi router, which can help you enjoy DIY funny at home. There is a Built-in DC3Volt lithium battery to power for the smoke alarm module. Even if the WI-FI is cut, the smoke alarm module will works as a stand alone detector. Performance of router decides the quantity of connected smoke detector.

The WI-FI Smoke Detector not only beeps to inform the occupants of the house, but will also send you an mobile notification to alert you in case of a fire hazard. This design lets you have more control over the safety of your house when you are not there with your loved ones.Test the smoke detector remotely, Mute it remotely.

How do WIFI smoke detectors work?

When an alarm is triggered, the smart smoke detectors use Wi-Fi or similar communication technology to connect to your smart home hub (if you have one) and an app on your smartphone. If you have multiple smart smoke detectors synced up, all of them will sound alarms even if only one is triggered.

Are smart smoke detectors worth it?

Smoke alarms will warn you of danger, but not if you aren’t home to hear them. (They’re also ugly and a pain to shush, and they shriek at burnt toast.) Smart smoke alarms are the cure, and ANKA is the only one worth buying.

Are there wireless smoke detectors?

Battery-Operated Wireless Smoke Alarm allows for the easy installation of an interconnected smoke alarm system without the high cost and hassle of rewiring your home. The alarms are wirelessly linked so that when one alarm is triggered, all alarms will sound.

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Additional information


Aj-760, Aj-761, Aj-762, Aj-763, Aj-765

technical parameter

Working Voltage:DC3V bulit-in lithium battery(CR 123A) ,

Battery life:10 years

Standby current:5uA

Alarm current:﹤60mA

Sound level:≥85dB

Low battery threshold:2.5±0.1V

Alarm mode:Siren with flash(Buzzer & Red LED)

Big test button for easy recommended monthly testing

Gross weight: 0.295KG

product size :135mm*35mm

Execute Criterion: UL217


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