The differences of the wifi smoke alarms, interconnected smoke alarms, and the wifi interconnected smoke alarms


There are several kinds of smoke alarms with different functions.  The difference is below for your reference.



***Wifi smoke alarms***


When an alarm is triggered, the WIFI smoke alarms will send the alert to your your smartphone, so you can get the alert once the is fire occurs whenever and wherever you are.

wifi smoke detector

***Interconnected Smoke Alarms***


Smoke alarms are interconnected with each other in one group, max 20 PCS. Once one of them is triggered. All of the smoke alarms will sound, which help ensure that everyone in the home is alerted as soon as possible.

wireless interlinked smoke alarm

***WIFI interconnected smoke alarms ***

The smoke alarms can connect with each other and can also send the alert to the smartphone

So it is the best choice.

ANKA Interlinkable system