Why did the smoke alarm keep beeping as soon as I screwing the base with the detector? 

But when I disconnect the base with the detector, it stopped beeping?

Check the battery insulating sheet beside the battery on the base!

Please pull out the battery insulating sheet before screwing the base with the detector. Or checking the batteries on the base are correct model(For example, DC3Volt Batteries), or checking the battery level.

We have to make sure the batteries are powered on before usage.

This is a requirement from the certification -Battery removal Feature.

.The removal of any user-replaceable battery used to power or provide backup power, for the apparatus shall result in a visual warning that the battery has been removed. The visual warning shall not depend upon a power source.

Conformity may be achieved by, but is not restricted to, one of the following examples:

1, a warning flag that will be exposed with the battery removed and the cover closed;

2, a hinged cover or battery compartment that cannot be closed when the battery is removed;

3, a unit that cannot be replaced upon its mounting base/bracket with the battery removed.


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