Where the smoke alarms should be installed


Everyone knows that smoke detectors are a relatively common smart product to prevent fire disasters, which ensures people’s safety. So, Are you sure where the smoke alarms should be installed?



Where the smoke alarms should be installed :

  1. In the kitchen: recommend installing the smoke alarm 3 meters away from the cooking utensils. In the sleeping area, install a smoke alarm within 4.5 meters so that everyone can hear the alarm, even if the bedroom door is closed.
Where the smoke alarms should be installed

Where the smoke alarms should be installed

  1. For single-story houses: smoke alarms should be installed in the corridor, between the sleeping and living areas. It is best to place it on the ceiling, at least 30 cm away from the wall or lamps.
smoke alarm installation

smoke alarm installation

  1. For large-sized or multi-story houses: In addition to the above-mentioned single-story house installation location, the bottom of the stairs and the connection point of each stairway should be added. Also, consider buying interconnected alarms so that smoke or heat detected on one floor can trigger an alarm for the entire house.

    where to install smoke alarms

    where to install smoke alarms


Interlink smoke alarms, co alarms, and heat alarms

how to install smoke alarms


In addition:: Do not install the smoke alarms on top of objects that produce steam-like substances, otherwise, you will hear the false alarm every day.



The above is the introduction of how to install the smoke detector and where the smoke detector should be installed. The correct installation steps and a reasonable installation position will improve people’s safety, so friends who don’t know how to install the smoke detector or where it should be installed can read this article, I hope to provide you with some references!


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