AC hardwire Smoke alarm

AC power with 10 years of battery backup enables homeowners to expand a current interconnected system, Connected with ANKA wireless Interconnected Smoke alarm, heat alarm, and carbon monoxide alarm. ANKA Mains powered Smoke alarms make your house more safe and smart. AC-powered 220-240v alarms can be wireless interconnected, or wire interconnected. and AC-powered interlinked wifi interconnected smoke alarm is available at the same time. Contact us for the ANKA Smoke Alarm catalog


EN14604/BS5446/EN50291 Approved AC 230V Mains Powered Smoke Alarm

AJ-96XSA4 Mains powered Wireless Interconnected 230V Smoke alarm

AJ-96XCA4 Mains powered Wireless interconnected 230V Carbon Monoxide Alarm

AJ-96XTA4 Mains powered Wireless interconnected 230V Heat Alarm

AJ-960XSCA4 mains powered smoke and carbon monoxide combination alarm

Australia Market Active AS3786 Approved

AJ-960SI4A 240V Photoelectric Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm

AJ-960SIWA 240V Photoelectric WIFI Smart Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm

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Many countries have regulations that require at least one AC-powered smoke detector to be installed at home. AC mains-powered smoke alarms are the supplement to ANKA battery-operated detectors, allowing your home to get more comprehensive security protection

Mains powered Smoke alarm

Mains powered Smoke alarm

AC mains powered Smoke Alarm