Heat alarm

The Wireless Interconnected Heat Detector offered by ANKA is a vital device designed to detect high temperatures that are indicative of fires. The Heat Detector uses advanced wireless technology to connect with other detectors placed throughout the area, providing comprehensive protection, and alerting users immediately if a hazardous situation arises. Anka Heat Detectors are easy to install and is an excellent option for retrofitting existing properties or new constructions. It seamlessly integrates with other devices in the ANKA security system, making it easy to monitor premises and ensure the safety of a home or business.. Contact us for the ANKA Heat Alarm catalog

The Heat Detector is capable of detecting heat levels that are high enough to start fires, even without the release of smoke. The device is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that generate a quick and accurate response when high temperatures are detected. It has also been tested in the toughest of environmental conditions, ensuring its reliability and effective operation. Furthermore, the Heat Detector provides remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to receive alerts and notifications via mobile devices even when they are not on the property.

ANKA’s Wireless Interconnected Heat Detector is a vital device that provides real-time protection against potential fires. Its advanced wireless capabilities make it easy to integrate into an existing ANKA security system, and its remote monitoring capabilities provide 24/7 peace of mind. The Heat Detector is versatile, reliable, and capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, making it an essential tool in any fire safety plan.

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ANKA’s wireless interconnect temperature alarm is an advanced solution for temperature monitoring, alerting, and control. With wireless connectivity, it provides real-time monitoring and alerts for temperature spikes, making it perfect for use in, residential industrial, or commercial environments.

ANKA heat detector

ANKA heat detector

wireless heat alarm detector