Product certification

ANKA is certified with CE EN14604 Certification, EN50291, AS3786 certification, UL 217 certification, UL2034 certification, ROHS certification, ISO certification. etc. Anka’s products, which are sold all over the world, have been certified and obtained product certificates. Anka products are welcomed in Europe, the UK, The Middle East, Australia, United America, Canada. etc.

ETL UL217 Standard Certification for 73 Series

ETL UL217 Certification

ETL UL217 UL2034 standard For 93 series

ETL UL217 UL2034 certification

CE EN14604 from TUV

CE EN14604 from TUV

EN50291 For CO alarm

CE EN50291 For CO alarm


AS3786:2014 certification

SAA for hardwired Smoke alarm

SAA  approval For hardwire smoke alarm


BS5446 Approval

CCC certification

CCC certification

RED for Wireless Alarm

RED/DOP For wireless smoke alarm

The State fire Marshal-California

The State fire Marshal-California

Factory certificate

After ANKA got all kinds of certifications, In order to expand the product lines and add more production machinery and equipment, we separated the factory from the head office(Shenzhen) in 2019 and moved the factory to Huizhou, Guangdong Province. It is 30 kilometers away from the head office. In the new factory, we have 2 floors, with a mold workshop and a production assembly workshop, which are successfully passed ISO9001 and accept quarterly audits from TUV and ETL laboratories every quarter. We are committed to producing qualified detectors in strict accordance with the certification standards.

Huizhou FACTORY factory ISO

Huizhou factory ISO


ISO 9001


ISO 14001


ROHS Certification

High tech enterprise certificate

High tech enterprise certificate

Appearance patent certificate

ANKA has its own design team, R&D team, and all molds are patented. ANKA has registered appearance patents and trademark licenses in various markets. So that customers can rest assured to use our detectors without worrying about infringement. And ANKA is very happy to develop new and unique products for you

Smoke sense, design patent

Smoke alarm design patent

CO alarm, design patent

CO Alarm design patent

Software copyright

Software copyright


Trademark registration certificate


European Appearance Patent