Smoke Detector

The battery-powered 10 year smoke detector stand-alone model provides you with 10 years of 24/7 protection and peace of mind on a single battery. Proven performance for detecting smoke from hidden and slow-burning fires; photoelectric sensors can also detect dangerous fast-burning fires; a powerful 85 dB alarm tone will sound throughout your entire home. Malfunction warning, low battery warning, and hush mode enabled.

CE EN14604/Rosh Certification for the European market and AS3786 for the Australian market.

Five models of your choice. Contact us for more details.

Five designs for your choice from. Only the cover difference. Choose the cover you prefer.

*10 years lifespan DC 3V lithium battery powered.

*CE EN14604/AS3786/Rohs certified with high quality

* clear 86dB sound with flash

*A Big button for testing and silence

*Streamline shape and minimalism style, 100% original patented designs.

*Fire-proof ABS material,  V-0 fire protection grade

*High sensitivity with wide smoke Channel

*OEM service welcomed

battery powered smoke alarm

ANKA R&D team focuses on the household smoke alarm and Streamlined shape/Minimalist style. Use fire retardant material. Single Smoke Alarm but powerful for residential fire protection

10 years smoke detector

10 years smoke alarm