Vape detectors are a modified version of the common smoke detectors installed in our homes, offices, etc. They look and work just like smoke detectors. A vape detector doesn’t go off after detecting any smoke. It is only triggered when there are certain chemical changes in the air. For example, when there is nicotine or THC in the atmosphere, the vape detector sensors will pick it up and send a silent notification to the registered authorities. This can be the principal at school, administrative staff at the hospital, or whoever is responsible for monitoring vape use at the premises.

  • Vape detector: DC5-12V+backup rechargeable lithium battery, TUYA wifi Version, with
    PM2.5 Sensor
    Sensors: PM2.5 Laser Scattering, Temperature & Humidity
    Detection Range: 0-999 µg/m3
    PM2.5 Response Time: 5 seconds
    Temperature Detection Range: 0 – 60 Celsius Temperature
    Working Environment: 0-60 Celsius Temperature
    Response Time: 5 seconds Humidity Detection Range: 0 – 100%
    RH Humidity Response Time: 5 seconds
    Working Environment: 32 – 140F < 99% RH
    Power Supply: DC5V+Backup Rechargeable battery
    Working Humidity: 0 – 100% RH

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