smoke and carbon monoxide detector

The Best Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms meet ETL UL217 and UL 2034 standard certification. Dual senses (10 Years) to detect two kinds of threatening. Combine two functions in one device to reduce the cost.  There are three models for you to choose from. The Worry-free Smoke carbon monoxide alarm is powered by 10 years of battery life. Long-term safety protection for your family battery.

Wifi smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are available as well to get notifications from Smart Mobile phones, even detecting the smoke. So that you can get the fire alert even if you are away from home. By installing a WIFI smoke and carbon monoxide detector, you can easily know the battery status from your Smart phone APP surface and be alerted when the battery is low.

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AJ-933, AJ-938, AJ-939:stand-alone smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
10 years battery life powered, sound and flashing alarming, only the cover is different for the above models

AJ-933WB, AJ-938WB,AJ-939WB: wifi smoke and carbon monoxide detector
10 years battery life, sound and flashing alarming, APP notification, only the cover is different for the above models

*Power & alarm test button
*10 years battery
*Photoelectric sensor for slow smoldering fires
*Loud 85dB buzzer alarm signal
*Low battery warning
*Simple installation
*Supplied with fixing kit
*Self-Diagnostics to ensure the alarm is functioning properly
*Smoke+carbon monoxide 2 in 1
*10 Year Product End-of-Service Life Warning

*Smart WIFI Smoke and carbon monoxide detector optional

smoke and carbon monoxide detector

UL approval means smoke alarms have successfully met stringent requirements. It is an important step in differentiating ANKA from others in the alarm area obtained UL 217 and UL2034 certifications.ANKA strict follow the standard in producing super quality smoke alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide combination Alarm

smoke and carbon monoxide alarm