AJ-961SCI4 Interconnected smoke &co combo Alarm


  • Smoke &CO 2-in-1 wireless Interconnected
  • 10 years of battery life
  • 10 years of CO Sensor
  • EN14604:2005 / EN50291-1:2018
  • Low battery warning
  • Easy installation
  • Loud 85db Buzzer
  • Private mode


    Interconnected smoke & co combination Alarm

    2-in-1 wireless interconnected smoke & carbon monoxide combination alarm

    Normal operation: Green LED flashes once every 60 seconds.

    Smoke Alarm: Red LED flashes rapidly three times with three long” beeps every 1.5 seconds.

    CO Alarm: Red LED flashes rapidly four times with four long “beep every 5 seconds.

    Hush: Slience time around 9 minutes. The LED keeps flashing.

    Fault: Yellow LED flashes twice every 60 seconds with two beeps, replace the alarm.

    Low battery: Red LED flashes once every 60 seconds with one “beep”, replace alarm.

    Interlinked Alarm: Red LED flashes rapidly with two beeps every 0.1 seconds.

    CO Alarm density
    CO alarm Type B(provide a visual and audible alarm only.)
    50ppm,alarms not activate within 120 minutes50-100ppm,alarms within 90 minutes
    100-300ppm, alarm with 40 minutes
    300ppm, an alarm within 3 minutes

    Execute Criterion:EN 14604:2005/AC:20EN 50291-12018

    Design concept: 6 smoke inlet holes are surrounded, and the wall-mounted design is more conducive to the smoke inlet and alarm quickly.

    Practicality: 360 surround lights with no dead angle, the conventional smoke is usually a weak green light flickering, and the single-point light is very abrupt. This smoke sense is a full circle of light, and the hanging roof is more like a lighting decoration, flashing once every 60 seconds, like a living life, endless. When an alarm is issued, the red light flashes rapidly and continuously to warn of danger in all directions and inform users to evacuate urgently.

    Appearance: circular structure, arc design, elegant and beautiful, divergent ring design, more visual impact.

    wireless Interconnected fire alarm

    wireless Interconnected fire alarm

    technical parameter

    Interlinked 2-in -1 smoke and carbon monoxide combination detector Working Voltage:DC3V bulit-in lithium battery(CR 123A) Battery life:10 years
    Standby current:﹤5uA Alarm current:﹤60mA working temprature :-10C~+50C Relative Humidity:≤95%RH Wireless frequency: 433.92/868 Mhz GFSK Low voltage threshold:2.7V RF Distance: >200m (open area) Alarm mode:LCD & Buzzer CO: Alarm density:
    50ppm,alarms not activate within 120 minutes
    50-100ppm,alarms within 80 minutes
    100-300ppm,alarm with 30 minutes
    300ppm,alarm within 50seconds test button for easy Recommended monthly testing and hush
    Alarm sound:﹥85dB/3m product size : Φ115mm×H42mm Execute Criterion:EN14604:2005 / EN50291:2001


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