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16 Years of Experience Smoke detector Supplier

Anka, a professional smoke detector supplier, focused on fire alarm detectors development, manufacture, and supply for more than 14 years in China. With an office located in Shenzhen and a factory in Huizhou (near Shenzhen), Anka Started with a Conventional fire alarm and burglar alarm system and now specialized in producing and supplying fire alarm detectors, such as Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas detectors, and PIR sensors. Know more about Anka’s history…

Now the most hot-selling products we supply are 10 years stand-alone smoke alarm, Smoke and carbon monoxide combination detectors, WIFIsmoke detector, Wireless Interconnected smoke alarm, Zigbee smoke detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors. Different fire alarm detectors with different protocols and functions can meet your various demands for different installing conditions.

Anka is specialized in producing high-quality fire alarm detectors according to the certification standards, a professional smoke detector supplier that can accept your OEM and ODM requirements and provide the best factory price and fast- delivery for you.

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