EN50291 Carbon monoxide detector


  • 10 years battery life
  • LCD display,Voice alarm
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • EN50291 standard
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    Carbon monoxide detector Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and toxic gas produced as a by-product of combustion. Any fuel burning appliance, vehicle, tool or other device has the potential to produce dangerous levels of CO gas. These asphyxial gases are usually exposed for a period of time to serious harm to the human body. Approximately 200 people per year are killed by accidental CO poisoning with an additional 5000 people injured.

    Carbon monoxide detectors are necessary to be installed in every house.

    Advanced and superior electron-chemical carbon monoxide sensors are generally more effective in detecting carbon monoxide. Anka got Various carbon monoxide detector,Such as basic version, Upgraded Version,Deluxe version and Smart Version.

    AJ-830/AJ-831 Stand alone CO detector

    The AJ-830/AJ-831 are stand alone Carbon Monoxide Alarms,powered by DC6Volt lithium batteries for 10 years battery lifespan. There are only cover/appearance difference between AJ-830 and AJ-831. The alarm features a Buzzer that is rated at 85 dB at 10 ft. When the detected carbon monoxide density reaches a setting value, the alarm will send out acousto-optic alarm signal to remind users to take actions in time. This battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm continuously monitors carbon monoxide levels, even during power outages when AC-only units are not providing protection.

    Big button on the detector for easily testing monthly and If you want to mute the detector, Simply press the button.

    WIFI/ZIGBEE/RF interconnected Smart versions are available as well for remotely alert and get notification by mobile App.


    AJ-832/AJ-833 is our standalone battery powered CO detector with LCD digital screen continuously displays the level of carbon monoxide. you can monitor the concentration of CO at any time. The device will emit an alarm when the gas detected exceeds the standard value.

    *Clear English Voice alarm , visible status indications LEDS(Power. normal, fault ) and LCD digital display( Low battery, fault and alarm, temperature and humidity )

    * Button for test and mute: Test the alarm electronics and mute the unit during alarm.

    * Loud 85dB at 3m

    * 10 years working life with 2 year guarantee.

    * Designed for residential environments—Slim,small, compact design with stylish features, ideal for residential setting and modern decorations.

    You can choose to keep or remove the temperature/humidity detection, Keep or remove the Voice alarm. OEM/ODM warmly welcomed.

    WIFI/ZIGBEE/RF Interconnected Smart version are optional.

    AJ-835 Deluxe version

    Easy for wall mounted installation.

    DC6Volt replaceable batteries which can last for 10 years.

    TEST and Silence the detector easily by pressing the button on the detector

    Loud 85dB at 3m.

    Clearly Voice alarm

    LCD display to indicate the level of the CO, real time temperature and humidity, Battery statues.

    LED indicator for alarming, power on, alarm,, fault

    PVC cover which can OEM the color which you like.

    Additional information


    AJ-830, AJ-831, AJ-832, AJ-833, AJ-835

    technical parameter

    1. Operation voltage: 6V lithium iron battery (4pcs1.5V battery)

    2 Battery life:7 years,replaceable

    3. Standby working current: <30uA

    4. Wake up cycle: 12 seconds

    5. Low voltage threshold: 5.6V

    6 CO: Alarm density:

    50ppm,alarms not activate within 120 minutes

    50-100ppm,alarms within 80 minutes

    100-300ppm,alarm with 30 minutes

    300ppm,alarm within 50seconds

    7. Sound intensity: ≥85dB / 3m

    8.product size : Φ120*650*35mm


    10.Executive standard: EN50291-1: 2018

    WIFI version:

    Wifi working standard: 2.4G Hz 802.11b / g /N

    App: TUYA Smart /Smart Life


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