AJ-835 Carbon monoxide detector


  • 10 years battery life
  • LCD display,Voice alarm
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • EN50291 standard
  • Private model
  • Smart WIFI/ZIGBEE/Interconnected version avilable
  • AJ-830
  • AJ-831
  • AJ-832
  • AJ-833
  • AJ-835
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AJ-835 Carbon monoxide alarm (Deluxe version)

Easy for wall mounted installation.

DC6Volt replaceable batteries can last for 10 years.

TEST and Silence the detector easily by pressing the button on the detector

Loud 85dB at 3m.

Clearly Voice alarm

LCD display to indicate the level of the CO, real-time temperature and humidity, Battery status.

LED indicator for alarming, power on, alarm, fault

PVC cover which can OEM the color which you like to fit your house decoration.

WIFI/ZIGBEE/RF Interconnected Smart version is optional.

There are different models of carbon monoxide alarm that a different function, click for more details

AJ-830/AJ-831 Carbon monoxide alarm (Basci version)

AJ-832/AJ-833 Carbon monoxide alarm (Upgraded version)

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detector

Additional information


AJ-830, AJ-831, AJ-832, AJ-833, AJ-835

technical parameter

1. Operation voltage: 6V lithium iron battery (4pcs1.5V battery)

2 Battery life:10 years,replaceable

3. Standby working current: <30uA

4. Wake up cycle: 12 seconds

5. Low voltage threshold: 5.6V

6 CO: Alarm density:

50ppm alarms do not activate within 120 minutes

50-100ppm,alarms within 80 minutes

100-300ppm,alarm with 30 minutes

300ppm, an alarm within 50seconds

7. Sound intensity: ≥85dB / 3m

8.product size : Φ120*650*35mm


10.Executive standard: EN50291-1: 2018

WIFI version:

Wifi working standard: 2.4G Hz 802.11b / g /N

App: TUYA Smart /Smart Life


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