AJ-833 Stand Alone Carbon monoxide Detector


  • 10 years of battery life
  • Test/Silence button
  • LCD display and Human Voice alarm
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • Low battery notification
  • EN50291 standard
  • Private model
  • WIFI/ZIGBEE/Interconnect optional
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    Carbon monoxide detector

    AJ-832/AJ-833 Carbon monoxide detector (Upgraded version)

    *LCD display available, A digital Screen continuously displays the level of carbon monoxide

    *Clear English Voice alarm, visible status indications LEDS(Power. normal, faulty ) and LCD digital display ( Low battery, fault, and alarm, temperature, and humidity )

    * Button for test and mute: Test the alarm electronics and mute the unit during an alarm.

    * Loud 85dB at 3m * 10 years battery life

    *WIFI/ZIGBEE/RF Interconnected Smart version is optional.

    There are different carbon monoxide detectors with different functions for you to choose from. Click here for more details.

    AJ-830/AJ-831 Carbon monoxide detector (Basic version)

    AJ-835 Carbon monoxide detector ( Deluxe version) 

    Additional information


    AJ-830, AJ-831, AJ-832, AJ-833, AJ-835

    technical parameter

    1. Operation voltage: 6V lithium iron battery (4pcs1.5V battery)

    2 Battery life:10 years, replaceable

    3 Voice alarm, Temperature and humidity detection

    4. Standby working current: <30uA

    5. Wake up cycle: 12 seconds

    6. Low voltage threshold: 5.6V

    7 CO: Alarm density:

    50ppm alarms do not activate within 120 minutes

    50-100ppm,alarms within 80 minutes

    100-300ppm,alarm with 30 minutes

    300ppm, an alarm within 50seconds

    8. Sound intensity: ≥85dB / 3m

    9.product size : Φ120*650*35mm


    11.Executive standard: EN50291-1: 2018

    WIFI version:

    Wifi working standard: 2.4G Hz 802.11b / g /N

    App: TUYA Smart /Smart Life

    User Manual

    Carbon monoxide Detector User Manual


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