Wireless Interconnected smoke alarm


  • RF433mhz Wireless Interconnected
  • WIFI Smart Mobile control(Optional)
  • DC3Volt Lithium battery
  • 10 Years battery life
  • CE EN14604/AS3786/ROSH listed
  • AJ-760
  • AJ-761
  • AJ-762
  • AJ-763
  • AJ-765
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Interconnected smoke alarm

Wireless technology connects the detector with other compatible with other wireless-enabled alarms in your home to create a wireless safety network.

It can be wirelessly connected with wireless heat detectors, wireless carbon monoxide detectors, wireless remote controllers, wireless sirens, wireless vibration detectors, etc.

CE EN14604/AS3786/ROHS approved with reliable quality.

Wireless interlinked smoke alarm

Interconnected smoke alarm

  • Up to 20~50 compatible alarms can communicate with each other and alert you when there is a problem across the house even in a different room or on a different floor.
  • Maximum connections.Don’t have a limited quantity, how many to connect as your willing. Usually, we suggested 20-50 pcs on one floor of the building.
  • A loud 85-decibel siren is designed to wake even the soundest sleepers.
  • One sensor alarm, other sensors will also alarm(One go all go). When detected smoke, all the interconnected smoke detectors will alarm, the alarm will cover the whole house even though you are in another room that you can’t get the information as soon as possible.
  • APP notification is optional if you connected a wifi interconnected version in the group.24h received test&alarm App notification push, even away from home.
  • DC3V Li battery powered. Battery life is up to ten years, no battery replacement within 10 years, save the money and time for replacing the battery, Longer battery life, safety guarantee!
  • Big test and Hush button and remote controller. The test button is larger than the traditional smoke alarm, and the button can be easily released in the event of a false alarm without tools.
  • Remote controller help to test&silence when alarm.ABS fireproof plastic shell cover
  • 10-Year Battery & 10-Year Sensor. This smoke alarm provides 10 years of continuous power with a built-in lithium battery, saving on energy while remaining eco-friendly; saves you from constantly having to change batteries; an end-of-life signal will let you know when it’s time to replace the unit for safety. Photoelectric sensor detects smoke while minimizing false alarms
  • Loud Alarm & Big button. The alarm features a horn tone that has a lower and varying frequency. This makes the alarm easier to hear for the elderly and those with mild hearing loss. The loud 85-decibel alarm is designed to help wake even the soundest of sleepers. A one big touch button silences false alarms and allows you to test and hush the unit monthly
  • Easy Installation & Get Certification. Fire alarms Can be installed in several minutes. Coming with screws and a bracket. Safety clip feature, not allow mounting of smoke alarm without battery installed. Applicable to Company, Factory, Hospital, Shopping Mall, Hotel, School, Housing, Warehouse. Also, it has passed EN14604 CE ROHS and TÜV certification. We can supply long time customer service

WIFI Interconnected smoke alarm (optional)

  • Wifi interconnected photoelectric smoke detector(Tuya Smart Life app)
  • In one group, you can just have one or two pieces of wifi interconnected smoke alarm, others can be just normal RF interconnected. so when one detector is triggered others will be sound and the wifi interconnected version will alarm as well as sending a signal to the Mobile APP.
  • Remote control test and mute function, smoke sensor battery power display on the APP surface
  • 10 years lithium battery-powered the smoke sensor long term safety protection
  • 5 years lithium battery-powered the wireless communication base
  • Remote smoke alarm by Phone. Help keep your family safe with these battery operated smoke alarms that wifi interconnect with each other and other enabled alarms so that all sound when one is activated, creating a home safety network
  • Suitable for multiple places. This smoke alarm does not contain any radioactive material. Smoke alarms should be installed in every room (except the bathroom and kitchen), finished attics and basements, making sure the people in your home will be able to hear and respond to the alarm sound
  • Smoke and fire detectors are an essential part of your home or apartment. Their loud, piercing alarms should wake you if there’s a problem, so you and your loved ones can safely escape, or put out the fire. Smart smoke detectors go a step further, as they can send an alert to your smartphone if they sense something amiss. That way, if you’re at work, or out of town, you can call the fire department or a neighbor to check on your house, to see if everything is OK. Another benefit of a smart smoke detector is that you can temporarily silence the alarm from your smartphone — so there’s no more trying to jab the Silence button with a broomstick after you set it off while cooking a steak.interlinked smoke alarm


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AJ-760, AJ-761, AJ-762, AJ-763, AJ-765

technical parameter

Interconnected smoke alarm

Voltage DC3V
Standby Current <10uA
Alarm Current <60mA
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%RH
Wireless Signal 433.92Mhz GFSK
Low battery alarm threshold 2.5±0.1V
Alarm Sound pressure ≥85dB
RF Distance >25m
Alarm Mode Siren with flash
Execute Criterion EN14604:2005 AS3786:2014

WIFI Interconnected smoke alarm

Working Voltage DC3V battery(not replaceable)
Standby current <12uA
Alarm current <35mA
Low voltage threshold 2.7V
Battery lifespan 10 years
Alarm sound  >85dB
Alarm mode LED flashes& Buzzer
Fire protection grade V-0
Certification EN 14604:2005/AC:2008
Product lifespan 10years
Working Voltage DC6V(Replaceable)
Low voltage threshold 5.2V
Battery lifespan >3 years
Wireless frequency 2.4GHz
Max RF power +20dBm
Wireless frequency 433MHz GFSK
APP TUYA Smart& Smart Life
Alarm mode LED flashes& APP notify
Execute Criterion EN 300 328 V2.1.1 (2016-11)
Product  lifespan 10 years

User Manual

Interconnected smoke alarm user manual 

WIFI interconnected smoke alarm user manual


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