DC3V Lithium built-in lithium battery, which has 10 years lifespan, customers no need replace the battery for the whole product life, which can save up to $40 in battery cost over the life of the smoke alarm

Some stand-alone smoke detector battery is DC9 V, this kind of smoke detector is popular since 2014, but the lifespan is short. and nowadays some countries also have laws that require smoke detectors to be for 10 years of battery. So the DC3 V 10 years lifespan lithium battery must be the development trend of the future smoke detector.

10 years smoke alarm

2, CE EN14604/AS3786 certified

 CE EN14604/AS3786/UL217/UL2034, Rohs certified for the European market and Australian market. High-quality standard.

ISO9001:2005 and ISO14001:2015 authorized factory

anka certifications

3, ANKA Private mode. Five models for optional. OEM service welcomed


Streamline shape and minimalism style. Our own private new model, we designed the appearance for difference market with patent, and we recommend you this kind of the smoke detector is specialize for your market.

battery powered smoke alarm


4, Fire-proof ABS material

Fire protection grade: V-0

Use environmentally friendly materials.  the smoke detectors use fireproof and high-temperature resistant materials which can always protect people’s lives.

fire alarm detector


5, High sensitivity with wide smoke Channel

Loud alarm: 85dB, Red LED Flash, Low Voltage threshold: 2.7V

100% raw material inspection

anka smoke detector

6, Unique code

Each component of the smoke alarm has a code. This code is used for life, we can trace every component and good for after-sales service.


7, Big button for test and hush


Hush and Test function, you can test any time if the smoke detector is working properly, and when the alarm trigger, you can use the hush function by hold down the big button.

smoke detector

8, Easy for operation


One-time use power switch to make sure detectors are always on,  when you get the smoke detector first, switch the base with the detector, the detector will be on automatically.

turn on the detector

9, Soft lighting

Designed for the user’s living habits. our smoke detector only has one flash, and there is no excessive lighting to cause trouble to the user.

LED light for smoke alarm

10, Various extensional detectors for a wider market

Extender products. Based on the stand-alone smoke detectors, we have a Strong developing and researching team, who worked on interconnected smoke detectors, wifi smoke detectors, zigbee smoke detectors, co detectors. etc. Those smart detectors can help expand the product line.


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